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Különszám a kegykép Győrbe érkezésnek 350. évfordulójára 2005

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  A bizalom és a remény jele

The sign of faithfullness and hope

dr. Pápai Lajos: 350 éve Győrött

dr. Pápai Lajos: Since 350 years in Győr

John Kirby: Clonfert és Győr

John Kirby: Clonfert & Győr

A győri könnyező Szűzanya-kegykép története

The story of the picture of the Virgin Mary in Győr

A Győri kegykép korai másolatai és grafikái
Early copies and reproduction of the picture

 Én alszom, de a szívem virraszt

I sleep, but my heart stays vigilant

Walter Lynch élete

Walter Lynch’s life





A Könnyező Szűzanya búcsúja
The pilgrimage of the Virgin Mary

The sign of faithfullness and hope

A child’s feelings can easily be hurt if his mother points at him and says „Because of you she cries”. Eventually, the child also begins to shed tears. Reaching teenage years, the child secretly withdraws up but then shows a face of control. Later, all grown up, the child moves away to avoid seeing a tearful face.

We Catholics present upon the wall of the Holy Basilika, the picture of our tearful Mother, and so we honor Her. Not because of self accusations, nor out of an ill case of conscience that makes us do such a thing, but we see the sign of righteousness and hope, that is present in this holy picture. The devotional picture is the instrument of mercy, which shows toward a sinful world that our salvation is important to Her. So important is this to Her that to Her Son, the Author of salvation, She is able to conciliate us with Her Bleeding Tears. We ask Her, our heavenly Mother, to appeal for us to Her Holy Son.

József Albán


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