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Különszám a kegykép Győrbe érkezésnek 350. évfordulójára 2005.

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  A bizalom és a remény jele

The sign of faithfullness and hope

dr. Pápai Lajos: 350 éve Győrött

dr. Pápai Lajos: Since 350 years in Győr

John Kirby: Clonfert és Győr

John Kirby: Clonfert & Győr

A győri könnyező Szűzanya-kegykép története

The story of the picture of the Virgin Mary in Győr

A Győri kegykép korai másolatai és grafikái
Early copies and reproduction of the picture

 Én alszom, de a szívem virraszt

I sleep, but my heart stays vigilant

Walter Lynch élete

Walter Lynch’s life





A Könnyező Szűzanya búcsúja
The pilgrimage of the Virgin Mary

Since 350 years in Győr

Győr Diocese and Cathedral’s great treasure is the devotional picture of the Holy Virgin Mother Mary that shed tears of blood. This year marks the 350th anniversary of the event when Walter Lynch, Bishop of Clonfert, brought this holy picture to Győr during the time of the persecution of Catholics, when he was forced to escape from Ireland. The then bishop of Győr, welcomed him in to safety with brotherly love and made him canon and assistant bishop. After Bishop Lynch’s death, the devotional picture was placed upon a pillar within the Cathedral of Győr and in the year 1697, on March 17th, the devotional picture of the Holy Virgin Mother Mary shed tears of blood throughout a three hour period.

The Virgin Mother’s bleeding tears devotional picture has made the Cathedral in Győr a pilgrimage station, which at its 300th year anniversary in 1997 was raised to the high rank of the Holy Father’s Bazilika.

Our priests and parish worshipers turn to the Virgin Mother who shed the bleeding tears with great love and trust. She who gave us Jesus Christ, the world’s savior. She is the Diocese’s Mother, who always intermediates for us.

In this year, to celebrate the 350th year’s anniversary of the devotional picture’s arrival to Győr, a green marble memorial monument was placed in the Cathedral where the devotional picture was at the time of its tearing, was in the Cathedral. Upon this event, Ireland’s ambassador, Brandon McMahon and the minister, Noel Ahern, was also present. Secretary, Cathal Geragthy, who was representing Bishop Kirby of Clonfert and Noel Madden, Parish priest of Dublin’s church Donnycarney, which was named after the tearing Virgin Mother, was also present.

God grant us that this small gesture may deepen the faith and faithfullness to the Catholic Church of both the Irish and Hungarian Catholics and may it bring the two nations closer together through love and friendship.

Dr. Lajos Pápai
County Bishop


We ask You, our Lord, Bless this memorial monument, commemorating the 350th year anniversary of the devotional picture’s arrival to Győr, now placed near the devotional pictures’s original location. Please Bless Bishop Walter Lynch who carried the picture with him and give him the honor, together with Your holy angels the ceaseless praise in everlasting life.


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